Great family fun day out on Sunday 8th July starting at 10.00,

with classes for everybody - including:

Clear Round Jumping Minimus and other show jumping classes Numerous showing and novelty classes, including a coloured horse class As well as Gymkhana games for the young & those who are young at heart! Refreshments will be available to purchase on the show ground

ENTRIES CAN BE TAKEN ON THE DAY - but there are special discounts if

you enter before the show date via 

Ring 1   - Starting at 11.00 am - 2018 details

CLASS 1 50 cm Jumping 50 cms - Combinations  - not to have won £10 or more in jumping competitions CLASS 2  The Huntsman Hotel - Pairs Relay 75 cms - Rider 1 jumps first, passes the baton to rider number 2 - fastest rounds with fewest points win CLASS 3     Hawthorns Feed Supplies - Open Jumping CLASS 4 James Moles Farrier - The  Accumulator   83cms - Drawn order. Each jump successfully jumped is awarded a number of points. A refusal results in a deduction of points. Fastest time with highest points wins CLASS 5  National Saddle Centre - Take Your Own Line 75 cms -  Jump all the fences in any order, fastest time wins CLASS 6  Furniture and Fabric Store - 80 cm Jumping 80 cms - Combinations  - not to have won £10 or more in jumping competitions

ENTRY FEE - £7.00 per class / school horse £10.00; except class 6 - £10 per

pair (£14 school horse per pair)

PRIZES -    Rosettes to 6th place, trophy on all classes - Trophies in all


Ring 2   - Starting at 11.00 am - 2018 details

CLASS 7 Ride and Stride - Best Turned Out Horse / Pony & Rider Class will be split if there are sufficient entries CLASS 8  The Cox Family - Best Family Horse or Pony Family horse or pony most suitable for all members of the family to ride and enjoy CLASS 9 Best Child Rider with Perpetual Challenge Trophy   Riders to be 16 years and under, on their own or on a riding school horse / pony - a small jump may be included CLASS 10  Gypsy Memorial Trophy - Best All Round Coloured Horse or Pony Judged on overall performance, correct confirmation and most appealing markings; including duns, palominos and appaloosas CLASS 11  Prettiest Mare or Most Handsome Gelding Now is your chance to prove that you’ve got the most attractive pony or horse in the field! CLASS 12  Woolaston Stud - Horse or Pony Judge Most Like to Take Home Judged on overall performance and how appealing your horse or pony is to the judge CLASS 13 National Saddle Centre - Championships The first two from each of the above classes qualify for the Championship class

ENTRY FEE - £7.00 per class / school horse £10.00;

PRIZES -     

Rosettes will be awarded to 6th place in classes 7 to 113

Championship - SVEC Perpetual Challenge Trophy and Rosette

Ring 3  - Gymkhana  - Starting at 1.30 pm - 2018 details 

Groups A Open - lead reins ALLOWED B Open - no lead reins allowed CLASS 1 Fancy Dress Groups A & B CLASS 2  Monte Carlo Group  A only CLASS 3 Walk, Trot & Gallop Groups A & B CLASS 4  Bending Groups A & B CLASS 5  Cup Race Groups A & B CLASS 6 Crossing the Icy River Groups A & B CLASS 7 Barrel Jumping Group B only

ENTRY FEE - 5 Classes for £10.00 with own pony - OR

 5 Classes for £20.00 with a school pony

PRIZES -     

Rosettes will be awarded in all classes

Ring 4    - 2018 details  

Starting at 10.00 am CLASS 14 Minimus Show Jumping 46 cm - Combinations not to have won £5.00 or more in any jumping competitions - all entries on the field Starting at 11.00 am CLASS 15 Clear Round Jumping Will continue all day long, at varying heights, after the minimus jumping has finished - all entries on the field

ENTRY FEE -  £4.00 own horse / £5.00 school horse

PRIZES -     

Rosettes to 6th place, trophy to the winner

Rules & Conditions for Severnvale’s Summer Family Show

1. These conditions apply to Severnvale’s Summer Family Show; and are additional to the other requirements that are given in the “Safety at SVEC” section of SVEC’s website. 2. The organisers reserve the right to alter and/or cancel any class or times and to refuse entry to any person. 3. The organisers will not accept any liability for any accident or damage to horses, owners, spectators or any other property or person - see the “Disclaimer” below. 4. All riding hats must comply with the PAS 015 standard; must fit correctly, and when mounted at the Centre, must at all times be worn with the chin strap fastened. Footwear must be suitable riding boots with a heel, with the spurs the correct way up. The use of these is compulsory when mounted - see the ”disclamier” in the “Safety at SVEC” section of SVEC’s website. 5. No whips or spurs are allowed in the gymkhana ring. 6. Any horse/pony can only jump a maximum of five classes. SVEC loan ponies can do a maximum of two classes with their “loaner”, so they can also be enjoyed by others. 7. Numbers will be issued by the secretary. 8. The judge’s decision is final. Objections should be made to the secretary in writing within two hours of the problem occurring, with a £20 deposit; which will be forfeited should the complaint be found to be invalid. 9. Prize giving will take place as soon as possible, after the finish of the class. 10. Entries will only be accepted with the correct fee in cash or with a cheque made payable to SEVERNVALE LTD 11. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times. Click to download a copy of these Rules & Conditions Click to download a copy of “Safety at SVEC” Please allow your pony to have a rest and a drink between classes - water buckets are provided
This years’ sponsors are: Furniture and Fabric Store Hawthorns Feed Supplies James Moles Farrier National Saddle Centre Ride and Stride, St Arvans The Cox Family  Matt James Farrier The Huntsman Hotel Woolaston Stud
Full details are available in the programme for the Show (see below) & entries can be made via using this link Download a Summer Show Entry Form Download a Summer Show programme
Fantastic photos of the days excitement There will be an event photographer at the show to record all the highlights of your day


Severnvale Equestrian Centre, Tidenham, Chepstow Monmouthshire NP16 7LL
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Make friends and learn new skills

Summer family show

The centre is open: 9 am to 8 pm

Tuesday to Friday and 9 am to 5 pm

Saturday & Sunday

01291 623412 e-mail:
SEVERNVALE Equestrian Centre

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