The Centre provides training and regularly holds events, as well

as activity days specifically for children; all aimed to help you to

achieve your potential

Further to it’s selection by Horse & Hound’s Total Horse magazine as one of the 10 best riding schools and training centres in the UK, the Centre aims to keep up its position by continuing to provide a wide range of first class training. It is registered with the Event Horse Owners Association and with British Eventing, and participates in their training initiatives. The aim of these is to give owner / riders direct access to training with top trainers; such as Lizzel and Eric Winter, who are both accredited British Eventing trainers.

Generally, the Centre’s activities are designed to improve and test the ability

of the horse and the rider. However, there are other events for the whole


The Summer Family Show provides an enjoyable day out for all of the family. There are classes for everybody including a miniature Derby, Showing classes, Gymkhana games and a range of other novelty show jumping classes. Other events include regular British Eventing and Walk & Trot Dressage Tests, as well as Showjumping.

Horse Monkey at Severnvale  

Severnvale uses ‘Horse Monkey’ to provide details about 

some of the events at the Centre; as well as ‘start times’ and


This simple site not only shares your passion for horses; but also makes the experience interactive! It is exceptional, in that it moulds itself to the you, the user; and adapts to what you want to see, as well as how you want to see it. All you need to do is to create your profile, then save and store your horse’s details; all of which takes just a few minutes. There are no subscription fees, no annual membership cost – you will only be charged a small commission of 2.5% (minimum 20p) for classes / services! - you can even manage your account on the move with their free app! The purpose in using this site is to make your life easier, as it allows you to: Download schedules Enter shows in 3 easy steps - Search - Enter - Ride! - Go the the ‘Event registration & information’ page Uploaded results are automatically saved to your profile Save your favourite events, disciplines, venues & association Get reminders for shows you want to attend, and of shows you have entered

Event registration & information  

When the ‘start times’ have been published, this clock will appear next to the  event date. Click the clock to see the times. Additional information about all of Severnvale’s events and activities can be found on this website. Please read and comply with the "Conditions of all competitions at Severnvale"

The Adult Sunday Club is a great way to make friends and to

learn new skills while enjoying yourself  

These sessions are designed for the leisure rider; and provide a practical and fun way of learning and increasing both stable management and riding skills.

Each 1½ hour training session costs just £24 and takes place every Sunday

between Midday and 1:30 pm

Should you wish to go on and take professional qualifications, then you will have a chance to work towards the BHS Progressive Riding Tests tests during the session, which when completed, open the door to the BHS exams system.

BHS Progressive Riding Tests  

The tests, which Severnvale is able to offer as it is a BHS Approved  Riding Centre, are for all ages and standards; and combine both stable management and riding. These excellent tests are in six levels, which assess your riding and stable management knowledge and skills. They are a practical and fun way of learning and recognising your increased skill level; and you don’t have to be a member of the BHS to take part. Although the tests are designed for the leisure rider, they can lead in to the BHS exams system for those who decide to go on and take professional qualifications. Successful completion of the six tests can, subject to meeting a few other requirements, allow entry to the BHS Stage 2 Award.

For more information contact Debbie, or speak with your instructor

There are also a number of Dressage and other events during

the year to test your horsemanship skills.

Look at the ‘Events schedule or the ‘What’s on now?’ pages to see when the

following events take place.

Affiliated dressage 2018  

April 23rd May 21st June 18th July 9th August 20th September 17th October 22nd November 12th Start times will be available on the the Friday before the event, on the Horse Monkey website. Go to the British Dressage On-line Schedules Go to the ‘Event registration & information’ section

Summer dressage challenge  

11th June - competition Class 1 Prelim 4 (2002) Class 2 Prelim 12 (2005) 23rd July - competition Class 1 Prelim 7 (2002) Class 2 Prelim 13 (2006) 17th September - competition Class 1 Prelim 7 (2002) Class 2 Prelim 14 (2006) Go to the ‘Event registration & information’ section or Download Dressage Entry Form


- £8.00 per class on each evening - £13.50 with a school horse

Start times will be available on the the Saturday before the event, either on the Yard telephone 01291 623412, or on the Horse Monkey website.

Walk & trot tests  

30th March Class 1 British Dressage - Intro A (2008) 25th May Class 1 British Dressage - Intro B (2009) 26th October Class 1 British Dressage - Intro C (2016) Go to the ‘Event registration & information’ page or Download Dressage Entry Form


- £8.00 per class on each evening - £13.50 with a school horse

The closing date for entries is three days before the event. Start times will be available on the the Saturday before the event, either on the Yard telephone 01291 623412, or on the Horse Monkey website.

Evening Showjumping - 21st June & 26th July  

SVEC is a Cricklands qualifying venue - so is able to offer exciting

opportunities for grass-roots riders to take part in their National

Championships, which are popular and fun; and of course, the standard of the

winners is very good.

However, riders of all abilities take part each year and enjoy the event; and although not everyone can be a winner, Cricklands do aim to make sure everyone enjoys their time at the Championships; which are held over two weekends, one for Juniors and one for Seniors. Class 1 - Clear Round - 5.00 p.m.

Entry Fee

- Own pony £5.00 per class - School pony £8.00 per class

Class 2 -70 cms Cricklands qualifier - 6.00 p.m. 

Entry Fee

- Own pony £3.50 per class - School pony £6.00 per class

Class 3 - 75 cms Cricklands qualifier - 7.00 p.m

Entry Fee

- Own pony £6.50 per class - School pony £8.00 per class

All entries taken on the evening

Evening rallies  

Severnvale’s evening rallies are designed to help riders working towards


Look at the ‘Events schedule or the ‘What’s on now?’ pages to see when the

following events take place.

Please book with the office @ 01291 623412 or e-mail the centre A limited number of school horses are normally available to hire

Grown-up Christmas Show  

16th December 2018

A great festive night full of fun and lots of laughs  - all welcome - including the young at heart Join us between 6 pm to 7 pm for our annual Christmas Show for adults and older teenagers - for some great and very competitive gymkhana games! Pizza and mince pie afterwards £20 per person - fancy dress optional For more information, please speak to Debbie, or telephone the office @ 01291 623412 or download our special show programme

Entry conditions of all competitions at Severnvale  

1. These conditions apply to all competitions at Severnvale Equestrian Centre, other than the Summer Show. They apply to all users of the Centre, and are additional to the other requirements that are given in the “Safety at SVEC” section of this website. 2. The organisers’ reserve the right to alter and/or cancel any class or times and to refuse entry to any persons. 3. The organisers’ will not accept any liability for any accident or damage to horses, owners, spectators or any other property or person. 4. All riding hats must comply with the PAS 015 standard; must fit correctly, and when mounted at the Centre, must at all times be worn with the chin strap fastened. Footwear must be suitable riding boots with a heel, with the spurs the correct way up. The use of these is compulsory when mounted - see the “Disclaimer” below. 5. Number cloths will be issued by the secretary for a £5:00 returnable deposit (per number) 6. The judge's decision is final. Objections should be made to the secretary, in writing within two hours of the problem occurring, and be accompanied with a £20 deposit, which will be forfeited should the complaint be found to be invalid. 7. The closing date is one week prior to the event. 8. No fee will be refunded without a vet's certificate, unless it is three weeks before the event. NO REFUND will be given if the competitor withdraws in the last 36 hours. If for any reason, the event is cancelled, 25% of the entry fee will be retained by Severnvale Equestrian Centre. 9. Prize giving will take place as soon after the finish of the class as possible, once the results have been posted for half an hour. One cash prize will be given for every four starters, up to and including third place. 10. Entries will only be accepted with the correct fee made payable to SEVERNVALE RIDING LLP. Click to download a copy of these Event Conditions Click to download a copy of “Safety at SVEC”
These are the forthcoming events at the Centre that are on Horse Monkey; including where appropriate the ‘start times’ and results. You can ‘book’ on-line using the ‘Enter now’ button if you are registered with the Horse Monkey website.
Monday mornings Severnvale is running a monthly Affiliated Dressage competition at the Centre, on a Monday morning. These events include Preliminary to Medium levels. Full details are on the British Dressage Schedules and the Horse Monkey website
Monday evenings - starting 5.30 pm The closing date for entries is three days before the event The winner of each class, on each evening, will receive a Countrywide Store horse feed voucher. Rosettes will be awarded to sixth place in each class. Points will be awarded, towards an end of season Championship Trophy, for those placed in each test. Countrywide Store vouchers will be presented to the top three individuals in the Championship.
Monday evenings - starting 5.30 pm These comprise both under 16 years and adult sections. However, although they are not a challenge points are awarded towards an end of season trophy or prize, for those placed in each test.  Additionally, rosettes are awarded to sixth place in each class
These Rallies, which take place when there is a demand for them, offer a great way to help to iron out any little problems in your dressage, showjumping or cross country riding - and there's lots of expert friendly advice!
When held, the Rally starts at 6.30 p.m. and comprises all three phases. It is based on the good fun experienced at the Pony Club Rallies that many riders used to attend (many years ago!) Each evening costs just £26.50 per person (incl. VAT) and is the ideal time to practice for any up and coming competition - so come along, bring a group of friends and have a great evening.
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